MSc in OSH.

MSc in OSH

The MSc in Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) is a comprehensive and in depth course covering the management, economic, legal and technical aspects that relate to the hazards of the workplace environment. It is targeted at graduates with an engineering, numerical, business, psychology or health related background and seeks to provide the basis for students to be able to define and explore their chosen Master Thesis.

All Students pursuing the Master of Science Degree in Occupational Safety and Health must complete the following requirements

Degree Requirements Credits ECTS
Core Courses 18 46
Elective Courses 6 14
Master Thesis 6 30
Total Requirements 30 90
Core Courses 18 Credits 46 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
MSH611 Safety & Health Management 3 8
MSH612 Assessment & Management of H&S Risks 3 8
MSH613 Safety Technology 3 8
MSH614 Human and Psychological Factors in Occupational Health and Safety 3 8
MSH621 Research Methods in OSH 3 7
MSH622 Project Management and Managing H&S Risks in Capital Projects 3 7
Elective Courses 6 Credits 14 ECTS
(Students choose two courses from the list of elective courses)
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
MSH623 Loss Prevention and Risk Analysis in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries 3 7
MSH624 Major Hazard Installations and Critical Infrastructure Protection 3 7
MSH625 Economics of Occupational Health and Safety 3 7
MSH626 Fire Safety Management 3 7
Master Thesis 6 Credits 30 ECTS
Code Course Title Credits ECTS
MSH690 Master Thesis 6 30


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