PhD in OSH.

PhD in OSH

The PhD program in Occupational Safety and Health aims to create a new generation of high level research scholars.  The program aims to capitalize on the existing traditional theoretical schools in safety science, while taking in account the local, cultural influences, as well as exploring emerging risks and new challenges in a National level (the discovery of hydrocarbons).  The program will involve an element of theoretical reinforcement through the delivery of three high class fundamental classes and a research part that will concentrate in the area of choice of the candidate. Students will benefit from ongoing project work in the Centre for Risk, Safety and the Environment (CERISE) with particular emphasis to the areas of safety performance and safety cultures in micro firms, human factors and safety cultures in critical infrastructures and risk communication.

All Students pursuing the Doctorate Degree in Occupational Safety and Health must complete the following requirements:

Degree Requirements ECTS
Specific Coursework – Courses 30
Comprehensive Qualifying Examination 10
Preparation and Submission of a Thesis – Dissertation Proposal 10
Ph.D. Project 85
Ph.D. Thesis – Dissertation 45
Total Requirements 180


Specific Coursework – Courses 30 ECTS
Code Course Title ECTS
OSH710 Epistemology of Science and Occupational Health and Safety Management Research 10
OSH730 Safety and Health Policy and Management 10
OSH740 Risk Contexts 10


Comprehensive Qualifying Examination 10 ECTS
Preparation and Submission of a Thesis – Dissertation Proposal 10 ECTS
Ph.D. Project 85 ECTS
Ph.D. Thesis – Dissertation 45 ECTS


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