Ms Ioanna Danidou.

Profile of Ms Ioanna Danidou

Ioanna is employed as a Scientific collaborator of the European University of Cyprus for the last two years. She holds a B.Sc. Computer Science from the University of Cyprus, and a M.Sc. in Advanced Computing – Internet Technologies from the University of Bristol, UK. Her main field of interest is the interaction between law, science and computer technologies. She is PhD candidate of the University of Edinburgh and her thesis has already been submitted for evaluation to the relevant committee. The thesis lies in the area of Law and IT aiming to address several issues emerging in the new digital world. Using Trusted Computing as the paradigmatic example of regulation though code, it tries to address the cyber security problem that occurs, where the freedom of the user to reconfigure her machine is restricted in exchange for greater, yet not perfect, security. To reap the benefits of Trusted Computing Initiative and create the dynamic “network of trust”, we need the sociological concept of trust sharing the fundamental characteristics of transitivity and holism which are absent from techno-trust. The thesis uses mainly an interdisciplinary, conceptual analysis. looking at legal, technological and societal conceptions of trust, while trying to distill for each some rather abstract, structural descriptions. Moreover, it tries to match the respective concepts across the disciplinary boundaries. Rather, we take ideas and examples from a variety of jurisdictions as our inspiration or illustration, to gain a more abstract, conceptual understanding of how “the law” thinks about private and public law relations, issues of liability and responsibility. To this point, she has already managed to publish a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, Ioanna attended a number of conferences and seminars both as a participant and a presenter.

Ms Ioanna Danidou

Research Associate

Ioanna has contributed as PhD candidate of the University of Edinburgh in the past; currently she is holding an appointment as a Research Associate at the Centre for Risk, Safety and the Environment (CERISE), working on EU funded projects.

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