Ms Cleo Varianou Mikellidou.

Profile of Ms Cleo Varianou Mikellidou

Currently, Cleo is a PhD candidate in Occupational Safety & Health at European University CyprusHer research interests focus on Risks in Energy Related Critical Infrastructure. Before joining the team Cleo worked as a Health and Safety Consultant for six years. She has extensive experience in training, advising and consulting companies on how to maintain a safe working environment, how to adhere to Health and Safety legislation, and how to gain certification according to the International standards ISO9001, OHSAS18001, EMAS, and ISO 14001. Cleo has experience in risk assessment and is a licensed risk assessor from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. She has also been involved in the OIRA European Project (Online Interactive Risk Assessment) in collaboration with the Cyprus Safety & Health Association and Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. As of October 2015, she is a Research Associate of the Center for Risk, Safety and the Environment (CERISE).

Ms Cleo Varianou Mikellidou

Research Associate

Cleo has a BSc in Physics (University of Ioannina) and a MSc in Safety, Health and Environment (Salford University).

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